08/31/2012 // 10:51 am

Legendary Beauty Starts with Mythic Oil

Thousands of years ago, traders on the Silk Road entranced the western world with tales of beauty rituals favored by the women of China, India, Egypt and Persia—rituals that often centered around the restorative powers of oil.   Now these ancient beauty secrets are accessible to all women...

04/04/2012 // 1:01 pm

No Time for a Shampoo?
No Problem.

Tried and tested during the frenzy of Fashion Week, Fresh Dust hair powder/dry shampoo is truly a super-product, sure to make your daily routine and at-home styling a little easier.   Backstage during Fashion Week—in New York, London, Milan, and Paris—Fresh Dust is a stylist’s...

02/14/2012 // 11:55 am


Two complementary products, DIA Light and DIA Richesse, cater to women with natural, colored or sensitized hair.  DIA Light demi-permanent haircolor is perfectly adapted for sensitized or colored hair and is ideal for personalizing or correcting haircolor. The result is luminous tones and vinyl...