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This fall we asked four of our talented INOA colorists to each color a model for our advertorial in Vogue’s October issue to showcase the color results possible with INOA. To find out what the experience was like for Joel Warren of Warren-Tricomi Salon, read on:

1. How does it feel to see your color work in Vogue?
It’s a great feeling – I’m very proud to be representing L’Oréal Professionel INOA in Vogue. I have a great deal of respect for the magazine and its readers.

2. Tell us about your color choice for the model you worked with in the Vogue advertorial?
I requested to work with the blonde model, as I love coloring blonde hair. When I first met her, I wanted to give her a look people can relate to, but with a little twist. First, I highlighted her hair, then went back into it a second time using a technique which I call Double Highlighting. I used the Balayage technique in the front to give it the color an accent and unique quality.

3. What was your inspiration? What gives the look you created that je ne sais quoi?
I have always enjoyed working with blondes throughout my career, and have always been inspired to make them each look unique. Given this opportunity, I was able to do that with a new technique called “Double-Highlighting.” It is a combination of foil highlights and balayage. I was also able to use INOA 7.3 on her base to warm it up and take the edge off.

4. What do you like most about working with INOA?
What I like about using INOA is that it gives me a variety of colors to use without having to worry about compromising the condition of the hair. I also have the ability to change base colors by using a wide range of colors.

5. Any anecdotes about working with your model or about that color day?
It’s always a pleasure working with nice, happy, beautiful people. It makes the day go by faster and the work much easier, especially when you know what look you want and how to achieve it.

6. What color trends are you most excited about this season?
I personally tend to stay away from trends, but I think what will be most popular in the upcoming seasons are products with unique technologies, which allow you to diversify color without causing damage to the hair.  These products let the stylist to give each client a unique style without necessarily following any trends.
7. What’s next after appearing in Vogue?
I will continue to expand my brand by through ventures, such as launching salons, developing new products, as well as promoting the brand via infomercials.
Celebrity colorist Joel Warren is renowned for his ability to capture personality through hair color. His trademark versatility is the product of adapting his techniques and formulas to create a signature look to suit every client. Today, his clients include models, celebrities and socialites such as Ivanka Trump, Jessica Alba, Kate Beckinsale, Rachel Hunter and Amanda Hearst. In 1990, Joel joined forces with celebrated stylist Edward Tricomi and business guru Roxana Pintilie to launch the first Warren-Tricomi Salon, located at 57th Street in New York City. Joel’s celebrated work has also landed him the honor of serving as the L’Oréal Professionnel Hair Color Brand Ambassador through the flagship salon at The Plaza Retail Collection.

To learn more about INOA permanent haircolor, visit www.inoa-us.com.
To learn more about Warren-Tricomi Salon, please visit www.warrentricomi.com.

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