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Introducing the Retro Nouveau Color Collection

The Retro Nouveau Color Collection is the story of a dream. A dream born in the studios of Hollywood more than 50 years ago. It’s here, somewhere between the late 50s and 60s, that designers found their inspiration for their fall/winter 2012-13 collections. In a world that seems to be looking for a sense of escapism, the eternal beauty of golden age icons seemed to invite designers to revisit their spotlights. Because it was also in this period when these iconic women shone the brightest – and went simply on a first-name basis. They were called Liz, Twiggy, and B.B. … even today, their inspiration burns just as brightly as it did then. Their style and beauty, while different, have transformed the women in our collection into muses of glamour, sensuality, and elegance. Perhaps because beautiful things stay beautiful – forever.


The catwalks delivered an homage through the mid-century ages, revising the classic “New Look” popularized by Christian Dior and his ideas of dressing for pleasure and indulgence. At other shows, the codes of the 50s and 60s were revisited via A-line coats with rounded shoulders at Jil Sander or the structured, cinched-waists suits in brown and copper, eggplant or violet, seen at Prada and Stella McCartney. The same period was revisited in hair, which was either incredibly voluminous (think bouffants and beehives at dSquared and Oscar de la Renta) or boyish, almost androgynous at Lanvin and Balenciaga. In all the cases, the look was twisted with modern texture and intense, vibrant color. It’s the same essence that inspires “Retro Nouveau”; for it is good to look to the past, but only to inspire us for the future.


For a closer look into the making-of the collection, click here.

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