How To Prevent Hair Damage

Helpful tips on how to protect your hair from common causes of damage.

Whether you’ve experienced hair damage or not, prevention is always key.

1- Heat Protection

Did you know that heating tools such as blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to hair damage? 

The blame can’t be placed only on those, as the true damage happens when we don’t protect our hair properly from the heat. So never skimp on heat protection hair styling products that create a lightweight barrier between the hair fiber and heat tools. Your hair will be healthier, and your hair style will last longer too.

2- Sun Protection

Hair needs protection from the sun as well - particularly if it's color-treated. UV rays can lead to damaged hair before your summer vacation is even over.

Talk to your stylist who can recommend the best products for your sun protection needs. Invest in products with UV filters, such as the Vitamino Color A-OX range, that will prolong color radiance.

3- Be Gentle With Your Hair

Forcing a tight comb or brush through tangled hair can cause hair breakage. Frequently opting for home hair dyes to change hair color instead of going to the salon can cause hair damage. Using heavy shampoos and conditioners that leave residue on the scalp can cause itching, dryness and irritation. These are just some of the things many people do on a daily basis without considering the damage. Luckily, there are easy hair damage prevention steps to remedy these mistakes.

4- Use a Protective Regimen

Once you see the first sign of damage, it's important to further protect hair with a damage repair haircare system. Pro Fiber is our 1st long-lasting damage repairing haircare system. Visit your stylist for a professional damage level consultation, receive the damage repairing in-salon treatment, and protect against further damage with the at-home treatment RE-CHARGE that prolongs the in-salon treatment for up to 6 weeks.

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