How To Treat Damaged Hair

Discover Pro Fiber, our first long-lasting haircare system and the solution for all levels of damaged hair.

Damaged hair is one of the biggest hair concerns for women. Damage can be caused by many factors such as sun exposure, chemical treatments or heat styling.

Thanks to the most advanced research and innovation by L’Oréal Professionnel, damaged hair can now have long-lasting repair with the new Pro Fiber in-salon treatment and at-home Hair Care system exclusively found in salons.

Professional Advice

There is not just one type of hair damage; there are many levels. In order to properly treat each level of damage, we have created four ranges of the Pro Fiber Treatment. The Pro Fiber system is personalized and based on a unique hair damage evaluation. The evaluation is conducted by your stylist in order to assess the specific level of hair damage and select the products formulated for your hair. With special expertise and training, only your stylist can truly evaluate and treat the level of your hair damage.

How to Treat Damaged Hair

A New Generation of Long-lasting Hair Care

To offer a specialized system of treatment for each level of damage, L’Oréal Professionnel created Pro Fiber, our first repairing treatment series for long-lasting hair care, initiated in salon with prolonged results at home. Your stylist will apply the proper in-salon treatment based on your evaluation and provide personalized haircare advice for the ideal at-home follow up.

How to Treat Damaged Hair

Pro Fiber has been formulated with L’Oréal Professionnel's exclusive molecule Aptyl 100 for long-lasting hair repair. Regular hair treatments were previously washed down the drain with the first shampoo. The unique molecule Aptyl 100 grips onto your hair during the in-salon treatment and stays there. The Aptyl 100 molecular complex can then be reactivated with the at-home haircare range.

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