Invent the NewStyle & Colour Trend


Launched over 65 years ago the worlds longest running live hairdressing competition is back in the USA and ready to celebrate and elevate the best hairdressing talent.

The Overall Winner of the 2022 Style & Colour Trophy will represent the USA on a global level

French Edito.
is the global theme to inspire hair artists around the world.

Taking inspiration from the editorial world of hair and fashion it is a total look image that would stand out on the front cover of any premium magazine.

French Edito is :
• Fashion Forward & Effortless.
• Confident & Assertive.
• Unapologetic & Creative.
• Flawlessly Executed & Elevates the Professional Difference.

Create a total look that brings French Edito to life on the model of your choice, of any gender or gender identity with any hair formation / texture.

There are 4 categories for you to choose from when entering
• Balayage
• Texture
• Future Trend
• New Talent

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