Gray Coverage

Grey Hair for Beginners

Have you just spotted your 1st (or 10th…) grey hair and are debating what to do? Grey hair is a fact of life for many, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day.

Consider a demi-permanent haircolor service – it is the perfect introduction to haircolor as you’ll be able to keep your natural color and cover your greys. Plus it will add shine to your hair, leaving it incredibly soft and conditioned.

Gray Coverage

Grey Hair for Experts

If you have more grey hair than you do your natural color, it may be time to consider a permanent color service. We have a number of great solutions to help cover your unwanted greys – from a more opaque (one solid color) to a more luminous (multi-dimensional color) type of coverage. All solutions can cover up to 100% grey.

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Say goodbye to grey!

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