RECHARGE | PRO FIBER | by L'Oréal Professionnel
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PRO FIBER | 6x20 ml

  • Damage Repair

  • Nourishment

Treatment Reactivating Re-Charge


  • For all levels of damaged hair


  • Nourished
  • Tamed
  • Shiny
  • Restored
  • Prolongs In-Salon Treatment


  • RE-CHARGE contains a molecule called APTYL 100, a L’Oréal Research innovation and the result of 7 pending patents. The Aptyl 100 in the RE-CHARGE grips onto the hair and keeps it feeling strong and nourished. In the past, most of the beneficial haircare effects were eliminated in the first shampoo. Thanks to the at-home treatment PRO FIBER RE-CHARGE, the molecule sealed deep into the hair fiber during the in-salon treatment is reactivated for a lasting* effect. Hair is healthy, strengthened and repaired**.

    * Instrumental tests after the salon routine – up to 4 Pro Fiber shampoos (Revive/Restore/Recover).
    **Auto-evaluation of 333 women using the Pro Fiber Revive and Recover ranges for 15 days.


A silicium compound, known for its ability to not only rebuild the cortex deep down but also reinforce the hair structure by recreating a three- dimensional network.

Cationic Polymer

Acts as a sheath, covering the surface of the hair in a protective film, leaving a soft and silky feel. Furthermore, this highly cationic polymer is loaded with positive charges, which means it is attracted to negatively-charged areas of damaged hair.

The breakthrough product RE-CHARGE is an at home treatment that replenishes the PRO FIBER in-salon results. It contains a technology called Aptyl 100, which grips onto the hair and keeps it feeling strong and nourished. One pack of RE-CHARGE (6 monodoses) will prolong the Pro Fiber treatment for up to 6 weeks.

After every 4th shampoo, use in place of conditioner or mask. This will reactivate the treatment in the hair.

Re Charge Monodose ProFiber Ambiance Image