What is Smartbond?


Smartbond is a 2-step bond strengthening salon service that you should ask for at your next hair color appointment. 

Step 1: Smartbond is added to the hair color or lightener that your hairdresser applies.

RESULT: Your hair is protected and strengthened during the color service. 

Step 2: After the color service, the pre-shampoo is applied at the sink. 

RESULT: Your newly colored hair will feel nourished, smooth to the touch and have radiant shine.

Take home the  Step 3 Conditioner to continue to help protect your hair after the in-salon Smartbond service. Use once a week in place of your regular conditioner.

Before & After Red Transformation

Before & After Glam Grunge Blonde

Before & After Textured Balayage

Before & After Rose Gold Brunette

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