Go for the Gloss

A Glossing service is a demi-permanent color service that enhances, enriches and tones natural or color-treated hair. It is typically best on blondes to help brighten and tone dull or brassy color. It also adds shine and provides intense care for your hair, leaving it looking soft and beautiful. Get a Glossing service about 4-6 weeks after your regular salon appointment to enhance or maintain your color. Typically, a Gloss will last 6-8 weeks and will fade gradually – perfect timing for your next regular salon visit!

Here are three reasons why a Glossing service is a must-have.


#1 Super Shine

We all love the sun, but sometimes the great outdoors can be harsh on your hair. Adding a Glossing service to your hair regimen will give it beautiful shine and also provide intense care for dry hair.


#2 Set the Tone

You loved your golden blond six weeks ago, but now rose gold is all the rage. Ask for a Gloss to enhance or alter the tone of your current color. A Gloss is also the perfect service to help neutralize your color if it is looking a bit brassy.


#3 Protect Your Investment

A Glossing service in between color appointments will help maintain your color for longer. Due to daily washing and elements like sun exposure and heat, it’s only natural that your color may start to look dull. With a Glossing service, you can give your color the boost that it needs.

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