Your Guide To Summer Hair Color: Inspiration and Hair Care


Summer is all about freedom, fun, happy-go-lucky vibes, and most of all—vibrant, sun-kissed hair color. Whether you’re looking for the latest hair color trends of or simply want to keep your go-to color looking its best, we’ve got you covered. This summer hair color guide will reveal summer top hair color ideas and trends. Plus, keep reading for tips on summer hair color maintenance—including how to use our best shampoos for colored hair.

Summer Hair Color Trends

There’s something about the summer months that calls for reinvention, and this year’s summer hair color ideas are the perfect example. Whether you’re looking for a complete color transformation or subtle glow-up, summer hair color trends have something to fit every aesthetic, hair type, and style. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top hair color trends making a splash this summer.

1. Bright, buttery blonde

Buttery blonde is the quintessential “summer blonde.” For this reason, highlights and balayage styles using warm, sun-kissed yellow tones will probably always be on-trend for summer. If blonde is your go-to color, try embracing warmer shades. The result will be a natural-looking “I just got off the beach” aesthetic. This classic beachy blonde has also been coined “sun-baked blonde,” but we recommend describing it to your colorist as a warm, soft, and golden shade of blonde with plenty of dimension. If you’re ready to make that request, use our Salon Locator, and book your appointment.

2. Cappuccino blonde (a.k.a. “bronde” hair)

This summer, more and more celebrities and color trendsetters are ditching their ultra-light, platinum blonde highlights in favor of a more natural, darker blonde hue. One hair color trend in particular to steal the spotlight is cappuccino blonde (also known as “bronde”). And it’s not hard to see why everyone’s loving bronde hair colors this summer. As the perfect in-between shade for natural blondes and brunettes, this color creates an effortless and ultra-versatile way to embrace your roots with minimal upkeep. One of the most in-demand bronde looks is honey-gold bronde—which perfectly blends blonde and brunette hues together for a vibrant, glistening effect.

3. Brown toffee and strawberry brunette

Bronde hair isn’t the only summer hair color trend that falls in between two colors. The rise in popularity of subtle colors like brown toffee and strawberry brunette showcase how in-demand this trend is. Much like strawberry blonde, the strawberry brunette trend features various shades of brown combined with a subtle wash of rosy-pink color. Brown toffee, on the other hand, adds caramel hues to brunette hair, typically using a balayage technique. The goal of these hair colors for summer is to emphasize your natural color with slight highlight tweaks that offer gorgeous dimension and shine.

4. Luxe brunette

It’s no surprise that everyone’s love affair with rich, warm brunette hues has carried into summer. This is especially true for mocha brown, which was a huge trend last winter and continues to be one of the most requested colors this summer. Other rich brunette shades worth mentioning are copper-tinted chestnut, leather brown, cognac brown, and mushroom brown. What these trendy summer brunette shades have in common is that they scream luxury, with tons of dimension, shine, and movement.

5. Pastel peach

When we think of summer, we think of an explosion of color and playfulness. This applies to your wardrobe, pool accessories, and, of course, hair color. Pastel peaches and pinks are a big hair color trend this summer, showing up everywhere and in a wide variety of different tones. This colorful trend is the perfect way to experiment with fun, fantasy-inspired colors. Pastel peach and pink work especially well for light blondes looking to put a bold twist on their natural hair color.

6. Crimson red and copper tones

Warm, glossy red tones are another not-to-be-missed hair color idea for summer—especially in shades like amber, strawberry blonde, fiery red, and copper. Red shades can be surprisingly versatile as there are so many different hues to suit any skin tone and style.

How To Take Care of Color-Treated Hair This Summer

Sun, chlorine, and saltwater can all take a toll on your hair during the summer months. And there’s nothing worse than giving your locks a gorgeous summer makeover only to find that fading, dullness, dryness, and brassiness start to creep in after a couple of washes. The secret to keeping your summer hair color looking “fresh out of the salon” for as long as possible comes down to your at-home hair care routine.

Next up, we’re highlighting how to care for color-treated hair and the steps you shouldn’t neglect this summer if you’re planning a few coloring sessions at the salon.

1. Do a hair detox to help prevent color fade

Summer is the ultimate time to reset, so why not give your hair a detox, too? Hard water (and the resulting buildup of metals) can put some serious stress on your strands—especially in the summer when you probably spend more time in the water. This can result in breakage, dullness, and brassiness. Studies also show that washing hair with hard water is a proven aggressor on hair color—playing a key role in how quickly hair color fades.1

L'Oréal Professionnel Metal Detox features in-salon services and at-home products designed specifically for combating hard water and metals—resulting in 87% less breakage* and 100% reliable color results.** As part of your at-home summer regimen, use the Metal Detox Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Mask. These two anti-metal products make the ultimate combination for keeping your hair color fresh and vibrant between color appointments.

For wavy, curly, and coily locks, try L'Oréal Professionnel Curl Expression’s range of eight curly hair products—including our Curl Expression Curls Reviver Spray and 10-In-1 Cream-In-Mousse. Infused with glycerin, urea, and hibiscus seed, this curl-loving range produces immediate results for 2x more conditioning,*** 11x more definition,*** and 48-hour frizz-free protection.

2. Combat brassiness and yellow tones

Being well-prepared for summer means keeping products on hand to help combat any unwanted brassiness and yellow tones between color appointments. When in doubt, ask your colorist for recommendations at your next appointment. They can help you choose the best shampoo and conditioner for colored hair, as well as products that specifically target brassiness.

3. Deep condition weekly with a hair mask

Help keep your hair in good condition by using a hair mask at least once per week. Since chlorinated pools, the sun’s rays, and the ocean can all dry out and potentially damage your strands, a nourishing, deeply-hydrating hair mask can help restore moisture to your locks.

4. Choose color-safe shampoo and conditioner

The right shampoo for colored hair can be a game-changer for maintaining vibrant color. To help preserve your color results this summer, opt for color-safe shampoo and conditioner options. These gentle, moisturizing products are specially formulated so that they won’t strip color from your hair.

5. Use plenty of heat UV protection

"The sun can damage the cuticle of the hair, leaving your hair frizzy and brittle, with hard to maintain hair color," says L'Oréal Professionnel Artist Marques Scholten. To help combat this, look for styling products that offer UV protection to help protect your locks and the longevity of your color. Likewise, always use a heat-protecting product before blow drying or using hot tools to help protect your locks this summer.

For even more hair color ideas, tips, and tricks for fabulous summer hair, check out our guide on how to avoid brassy balayage hair.


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*Instrumental test Metal Detox pre-treatment + technical procedure shampoo + mask
**No impact on lift and optimized color uptake
***vs. non-conditioning shampoo when using deep moisturizing shampoo + rich mask; clarifying shampoo + mask or 10-in-1 mousse